Galleri Montan, Copenhagen.

October 25, 2013


Highlights Exhibition opens 7th November until 30th November.

Artist are : Claus Bjerring, Gitte Bjørn, Lasse Bæhring, Vladimir Böhm,

David Clarke, Georges Cuyvers, Yuki Ferdinandsen, Sarah Hurtigkarl,

Magnus Liljedahl, Anders Ljungberg, Lone Løvschal, James Stoklund,

Pernilla Sylwan, David Taylor and Simon Westling.

Galleri Montan

photo by Anders Bøggild

Workshops and Lecture Series; China 2013

October 18, 2013

David Clarke Poster2

Wuhan University Workshop 9th October-1st November

Wuhan Conference 13th October. Paper entitled; ‘The White Gloves are Off!’

Hangzhou CAA (China Academy of Art)  21st October. Lecture

Guangzhou SCUT (South China University of Technology) 24th October. Lecture

Nanjing University 28th October. Lecture

Beijing BIFT (Beijing Academy of Fashion Technology) 7th November. 1 day Workshop and Lecture

Beijing CAFA (China Academy of Fine Art) 8th November. Lecture

Keeping Up With The Times

October 13, 2013

Rosemarie Jäger_Invitation_Oct 2013

Exhibition opens Sunday 20th October

Galerie Rosemarie Jäger

ASPEX Gallery. On Plinths Exhibition

September 29, 2013

one day my plinth will come

‘one day my plinth will come’

on show at ASPEX closes 6th November

Subversive Design, Brighton Museum

September 15, 2013


Opens 12 October-9 March 2014

Subversive Design explores how designers, makers and manufacturers react to the world around them, playing with form, function and materials to create objects that provoke and amuse. For over 200 years craft and design have been used to engage and challenge political and social issues in both obvious and more hidden ways.

The exhibition includes work by a wide range of designers and makers, including Alexander McQueen, David Shrigley, Studio Job, Philippe Starck, Grayson Perry, Richard Slee, Campana Brothers, Vivienne Westwood and Leigh Bowery.

Featured in Metalsmith Magazine; Guest Curator Susan Cohn

September 2, 2013


The current issue of Metalsmith, As seen by others ; Photography as Strategy. Susan Cohn addresses this meta reality head on, examining “how the photograph talks about an object-not as a mirror of the object, but as a reflection of the makers intent”

A sweet message from a Collector

August 3, 2013

Your “broken” bucket is in one corner of my tiled garden. The other day Rocco, my  thirteen  years old nephew that like most boys of his age is not very interested on what is going on around him, looked at the bucket and said: Great! that bucket looks like a sculpture!

So now you see! Your art is recognised all over!




July 13, 2013


A super busy time up coming exhibitions include

Germany, USA, Korea, ChinaDenmark and UK.

Details to follow very soon!

Time Lapse Film

June 23, 2013

Spare Parts project Gallery SO London

I encourage the audience to be playful and create new pieces from the original works. By doing so each time a person enters the gallery space they are presented with their predecessors’ new and surprising configurations.

In this way I blur the lines between maker, curator and audience- passive viewing goes out of the window, and one static display is jettisoned for many….

The Pewterer

June 21, 2013

Thanks to Alan Williams for visiting Spare Parts and producing this article



The Pewterer


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