An interesting response….

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I’ve been looking at your work for some time now and I continue

to find it both appalling and bizarre that it has been allowed

into some of the most renowned galleries and silver collections

in the world. Is this intended to be some sort of joke? All you

seem to be able to do is take the work of other, much more highly

skilled makers than yourself and then mutilate it with obscure,

unnecessary additions. What a waste of silver! As if that wasn’t

bad enough, upon closer inspection and with further research it’s

become apparent that you actually contaminate your silver using

lead? Do you even understand how wasteful this is? Silver is a

precious, pure and beautiful material as it is. It is ‘makers’

like yourself who pollute the good name of many contemporary

silversmiths coming up with interesting, functional designs as

well as beautiful sculptural pieces. I simply do not understand

how you can be making any money from what you’re doing, though

I understand that you are employed as an educator as well, and

I suspect that this is your sole source of income.

May you either stop making altogether or start making real silverware.


One Response to “An interesting response….”

  1. Domestic Paradise “Dead or Alive” | ChloeHenderson Says:

    […] saying that, i look at the piece below and just don’t get it. I agree more with some of his critics. An obvious destruction of silver for no other apparent reason than destruction, to me it just […]

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