An Invented Nostalgia

This extract is taken from a paper written by JIVAN ASTFALCK entitled An invented nostalgia, published in The Journal of Modern Craft Here she uses Kundera’s thinking of the self and identity and relates this to making

Not using words as material, but stuff, David Clarke allows salt to grow on silver vessels, to change the silver and to ultimately transform the vessel’s identity. The object, while embodying a change of identity towards the unrecognisable, can be seen simultaneously as past, present and future.

He says ‘The conservativeness of the discipline really pushes me to become more creative, challenging and playful. It is essential to keep this discipline alive and forward thinking. Combining other materials such as salt and lead has been important to really attack the silver physically.’

Rather than relating to abstract thought both the writer and the maker express their interest in the action, in the situation itself. They assert that in creative engagement reflection changes essence, it becomes part of the realm of play and of hypothesis.

the complete paper can be seen at;

Dr Jivan Astfalck is Professor at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design; MA Course Director for Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products and Senior Research Fellow.


One Response to “An Invented Nostalgia”

  1. Kyra Cane Says:

    Dear David,
    I am a friend of Clare Twomeys and have been commissioned to write a book for A&C Black about Making and Drawing and I wanted to ask if you would be prepared to be featured in it, I would like to send you more information if you could let me have your email address.

    Kyra Cane

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